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04 Feb, 3:00 pm

Manly Combined Clubs provides a means for the promotion, support and co-ordination of the sailing events of the clubs based in Manly.


It also runs its own focused, affordable and quality program of racing and social experiences, specifically for keelboat, trailer sailer and multihull sailing.

Connecting Talent
with Opportunity

Located on the south coast of Queensland, Australia, Moreton Bay provides a spectacular sailor's playground right on the doorstep of Brisbane. The Manly Combined Clubs Series was established by the Sailing Group of the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club (MBTBC) to unite the sailors of Manly Harbour and Moreton Bay with the aim of fielding a larger, more diverse fleet than might otherwise be possible by any club individually. 


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2022 Manly Combined Clubs Christmas in July  Suzanne Jules Magic-9280_edited.jpg
2022 Manly Combined Clubs Christmas in July  Suzanne Jules Magic-9334_edited.jpg
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