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47th Annual Lady Skippers Race

This Sunday 26 June is the 47th Lady Skippers race which has evolved over the years. It is a very long time since this was a novelty race. The level of competition is very high and has provided an entry to sailing for many women, several who have gone on to buy their own yachts.

LSR aims to recognize the skills of our female sailors in an atmosphere of fun(including best dressed prize), camaraderie and skills development, and to encourage female participation in sailing.

This year we will see the return of fundraising for breast cancer research. Our charity in 2022 is Mater Chicks in Pink.


On behalf of Sharon Boyle

Lady Skippers Race Co-ordinator

"...The WMSC Lady Skippers Race, 26 June 2022, has a considerable history of some 47 years. During that time the race has evolved and matured to reflect the skills, interests and concerns of women in the sailing community.

Race organisation is well underway. This year we are fundraising for the important work done by Mater Chicks in Pink. This organisation provides invaluable support to women diagnosed with breast cancer by providing practical, personalised services along with hope for the future by investing in breast cancer research. One of the most contentious and debated issues of our event has been the 'dress up' or 'best dressed crew'. Oddly, as a crew member I loved this aspect of the race and now several years later, as an owner/skipper - this issue drives me crazy. This aspect of the race is completely optional but sun protection and safety should be paramount for crew.

To clarify for those considering the race and encourage everyone this year, the judging criteria for our best dressed crew prize in the table below.



1. Originality & appearance & suitability for sailing - 40%

2. Sustainability: How many wears?, is it comfortable? any waste? - 40%

3. Wackiness &/or relevance to witty or poetic references &/or maritime traditions &/or Chicks in Pink - 20%

Total - 100%

Our yacht race will be competitive and the atmosphere will be fun. I hope you and your crew choose to enter our race and enjoy the competition, in your own style......"

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