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Addison Lester - Inspired by "Women's Challenge Weekend Event

Congratulations to all Women who participated in the Manly Combined Club Series "Women's Challenge" at MBTBC on the 15th and 16th May 2021.

One such young sailor who loved the weekend was Addison Lester aged 13 who has found the sheer joy of learning to sail on our Magic Moreton Bay...

Addison Lester never really liked sailing. Her family had a yacht but it wasn’t really her thing. UNTIL that is, they went to ABRW in 2020 for a holiday and she discovered there was a huge social side to it as well. Right before her eyes was a sport that she could sink her teeth into as an individual as well as being part of a team.

After returning from up north she enrolled to Tackers 1, 2 and 3 back-to-back at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

After successfully completing all three modules it was straight into Green Fleet at which time she informed her mother and step-father that she’d need an Opti of her own, because after all, she wasn’t just doing it for a term, this was a long-term project.

Addison would call home on a regular basis asking “is there an Opti in the front yard yet?”. During the trip north in 2020 Addison struck up conversation with Jason Ruckert (aka Goggles) and the crew from Magoo and being the outspoken individual that she is she asked if there was a spot on the Magoo for her to crew. No spots available but she was given a team shirt which, to this day, hangs proudly in her room. Goggles told her that he’d take her out sailing one afternoon to which her mother, Sasha, said – be careful, she will hold you to those words. Luckily for him, he did and she got the call to crew with him one Wednesday afternoon for WAGS and following perfect sailing conditions – they won.

It was on this particular WAGS afternoon that I guess you could say she was “discovered”. Approximately five minutes after Sasha uploaded some shots of her out on the water enjoying life for all that it would give her, she was contacted by Greg Black of Mad Jack who said “….thought I’d reach out before she got snapped up for the lady’s skippers race in May, would she like to join us on Mad Jack”. To which she said yes. They then asked her to join them for the Big Lap race as well. To which she said yes. The rest, let’s say, is history in the making.

Addison will do her time with the Opti’s but is just itching to get on to a faster boat. And then ultimately on to a trapezing boat. The adrenalin rush of flying through the water must clearly be her thing.

Addison will take any and every sailing opportunity that comes her way.

Well done Addie, you are very inspiring as a "Watch this space, Tomorrow's Budding Superstar." supporting Women sailing.

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