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Lisa Blair 360 Degree Sponsorship Packages. Awesome Business opportunity.

Dear MCC Series Members,

This is the (tax deductible) sponsorship request and climate action promotion opportunity.

Lisa is a good friend of ours and an amazing extreme sailor!

The three main opportunities are:

  1. To support your businesses climate action commitment - by sponsoring a climate action initiative with a $1,200 tax deductible donation

  2. Team building opportunity - by engaging your teams to follow Lisa’s daily blog over the 3-4 mth journey, including a live online acknowledgement when she passes through your sponsored degree.

  3. Business promotion opportunity - by promoting your sponsorship to others using photos, video and suggestions provided in the sponsorship media pack

In addition, Lisa's personal favourite reason for supporting this is to support and encourage women in adventure sports. 😊

Lisa is a three times world record holder and Climate Activist , she is setting off this coming December to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica onboard her yacht Climate Action Now while collecting ocean health readings and microplastic samples in collaboration with Clean Ocean Foundation, her Climate Action Partner in this project.

Lisa needs sponsorship support to get to the starting line and is seeking businesses and individuals to sponsor each longitudinal degree of her record for $1200 per degree. Lisa will be traversing all 360 longitude degrees to circumnavigate Antarctica.

Lisa is raising the funds to cover the cost of the scientific unit to take these readings and to ensure that her vessel is prepared for this voyage. This is a unique opportunity to align with an adventure sailor, who has proven capability in the unrelenting storms of the Southern Ocean, your support can become part of history as another record is made in addition to contributing to climate research.

Your sponsorship can support your businesses climate initiatives as well as engaging your teams as they track Lisa’s 3-4 month journey around Antarctica and enjoy the recognition of being named live as she crossed the degree (s) that you sponsor.

There are many benefits to this sponsorship package so please take a look at the PDF attached for additional information.

360 Degree Sponsorship Package
Download PDF • 4.53MB

Thanks so much for considering this!!

Lisa’s website:

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